Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How to Use Lighting Effectively in Landscape Design

While it is true that landscape lighting can be placed just about anywhere you desire, some spots might require a carefully-placed light more than others. Those areas that need some extra landscape lighting in Jacksonville, FL include:

A well-lit path makes your home more welcoming and inviting to visitors and it also makes those walkways much more secure and safe to navigate. You do not need to make it as bright as the afternoon sun — just some small lights lining the path will usually suffice, and downlights can prevent glare and harsh shadows.

Points of entry to your home should be well lit. This makes it easier to navigate in and out, and also helps improve safety and increase visibility. Place lights to each side of a door or overhead at front, back, and side entry doors.

Low-voltage lighting fixtures are an asset for landscapes surrounding driveways, ensuring the driveway is well-lit for nighttime safety.

It’s recommended that steps be illuminated for safety, but good lighting can also help improve the aesthetic view of your home from the street. You can use lights that shine on either the risers or the treads, so don’t be afraid to play around with directional lighting and see what works best.

Decks or Patios
Lighting in these more open outdoor spaces can be challenging but rewarding. Try mounting directional lights on the home to highlight a fire pit or grilling area on the patio. Up-lighting can also be used to give an indirect reflected effect by shining directional lights into an umbrella or canopy.

Architectural Features
Many modern homes have amazing architectural features that should be highlighted. Playing with lights and shadows can create a new look for the home at night by accenting the attractive features of the home while hiding or diminishing those less than desirable ones.

There are many ways to approach landscape lighting in Jacksonville, FL. To find the most efficient and effective ways to illuminate your home, contact Stewart Lighting today.
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