Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Light Bulb Types from Lighting Stores in Jacksonville

There are several options available when it comes to light bulbs to use in your home. It may take a bit of research in order to figure out what works best where, but lighting stores in Jacksonville like Stewart Lighting can make it easier to sort through your options.

This is perhaps the most common type, and is the bulb that first comes to mind for many people. Incandescent bulbs are easy to use, work in many different fixtures, and are usually the most affordable. This type of bulb puts out a soft warm light, but is not the most energy-efficient bulb on the market.

The halogen bulb is a newer, more improved version of the incandescent bulb. Halogen bulbs offer what is known as a white light and closely resemble natural daylight. Colors appear sharper with halogen lights and fit many fixtures, though they become hot while in use.

These bulbs give off a flat, cold light, often with a blue tint. Fluorescent light is similar to daylight, but not as close as halogen and is available in several bulb shapes and sizes. They are commonly used in offices and stores as long tubes within ceiling-mounted fixtures.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
This type of bulb is one that consumes a quarter of the energy that standard incandescent bulbs need and they can also last up to ten times longer.

Meaning “light-emitting diode,” this is a modern light bulb that is growing in popularity due to its longevity, extreme energy-efficiency, and cold burning characteristics. They are best used as a source of directional lighting like in display cases, but not as diffused light to illuminate a room.

When you need the best bulbs and lighting options available, lighting stores in Jacksonville like Stewart Lighting make it easier to narrow down your choices and select the right bulbs for your needs!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Outdoor LED Lights Can Increase Curb Appeal and Safety

For many homeowners, one of the biggest concerns is trying to keep their home looking great. Outdoor LED lighting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add value to your home simply by emphasizing particular areas and increasing safety about the property.

Emphasize Areas

Outdoor lighting goes a long way to boost the appeal of your home and to make it more attractive. It can be used to highlight beautiful architecture, illuminate entry ways, emphasize intricate designs in the walkways or landscape, or to create playfulness between light and dark. LED lights are a great choice for this because they offer that same warmth that a classic incandescent light has while saving you money on your monthly electric bill. No matter what type of outdoor lighting you choose, expect those driving by to slow down for a peek.

Increased Safety
Being outdoors when it is dark outside can be dangerous, even within the familiar space of your own yard. Having outdoor lights makes it easier to walk around at night. Outdoor lighting can also decrease the chance of home break-ins simply by reducing the places would-be crooks can hide.

Find out more about how you can transform the appearance of your home and increase your family’s safety with outdoor LED lighting. Contact the knowledgeable staff at Stewart Lighting today!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Lighting Options for Your Apartment

When the time comes to give your apartment a facelift and a new breath of life, lighting choices can go a long way in changing the look and feel of any space. One effective method is to look at all the lighting options our Jacksonville lighting store Stewart Lighting has to offer: wall sconce lighting, hanging lights, string lighting, recessed lighting, and many more are all waiting for you to discover them!

Lighting is one of the most important features of any living space, and this is especially true of the smaller spaces associated with most apartments. The lighting that you use in your apartment is far more important than just a source of light — it is important for setting the mood and feel of your space. There are many different types and styles of lighting that lend themselves well to apartment use; some of the types most commonly chosen are recessed lighting, directional lighting, and wall sconce lighting.

No matter what kind of lighting you decide to go with, your lighting choices will go a long way in helping you transform your living area and can drastically change your apartment's look and feel. Every light fixture brings a different feel to it and the types of lighting you use can change the way your space looks. Make sure you take some time to play around with your favorite lighting choices and see which ones work best for your apartment set up and which ones allow you the best freedom for design and decor.

You have a wide variety of lighting options to choose from — wall sconce lighting, directional lights, tabletop or floor lamps, and recessed lights are all waiting for you at your nearby Jacksonville lighting store, Stewart Lighting.

For more tips and ideas, or if you want to learn more about the wonderful lighting options that you have available to you, contact us today at Stewart Lighting and we would be glad to help you find the lighting that is best for you!