Monday, February 8, 2016

3 Major Purposes of Wall Sconce Lighting

Household lighting, although a very important element in the design of your home, is often overlooked. The right lighting will truly make the other elements of your house shine, including yourself. Wall sconce lighting in particular is often ignored, because people don’t understand the purpose that it serves. With wall sconces and lighting as a whole, there are three main objectives to achieve: task, ambiance, and accent.

Task lighting comes in handy for exactly what the name suggests, performing tasks within your home. This type of lighting helps you read, cook, and create throughout various areas of your house. Instead of table lamps, wall sconces can be used in the bedroom as a light source to get close to you for late night reading or studying in bed.

Wall sconce lighting can also be used for ambiance. Sometimes lighting can be used merely to make your home more comfortable to live in. When you need a slightly more light or need to balance the light within a room, a pair of wall sconces can provide illumination without being too harsh on your eyes. If you can see better in your home, you will feel better.

The other major purpose of wall sconce lighting is to provide accents. Wall sconces can be used to tie a room together, or highlight plants, artwork, and interesting architectural elements within your home. The size, shape, and style of your wall sconces can liven up understated areas, or simply bring light to an already unique part of your home.

Wall sconce lighting is important to the overall design and flow of your house. Picking out the right wall sconces for your home can be challenging. If you need help choosing the best fit for your home, contact Stewart Lighting today!

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