Thursday, September 17, 2015

Affordable and Efficient Outdoor LED Lighting

If you’re in the market to install or replace your home’s outdoor lighting, you’re probably trying to decide on the most energy efficient options. In this case, you will want to turn to outdoor LED lighting. There are several benefits to utilizing LED bulbs. Let’s explore those reasons below.

LED bulbs do not lose as much energy to heat as other lighting methods like the vacuum/filament of incandescent bulbs. How much more efficient you ask? Approximately 85% more. It’s also about 5% more efficient than the plasma-tube approach of CFL bulbs. It is also worth noting that a single, 60-watt incandescent bulb uses about 525 kWh of electricity each year! An LED bulb’s annual usage is more along the lines of 65 kWh.

LED bulbs will not require you to change them as frequently as other bulbs do. You may be able to go as long as 20 years without changing an LED bulb! These stable light sources have a lifetime of about 30,000 hours, whereas the typical incandescent bulb may last only 750 hours.

In newer LED bulbs, you will notice the once-blue light emitted has now been changed to a soft white, like that of an incandescent of CFL bulb. Color stability has become part of the certification process for Energy Star labeling.

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