Monday, June 29, 2015

Get Efficiency and Affordability with Outdoor LED Lighting

If you’re in the market for new exterior home lighting, you’re probably trying to shop around for the most efficient and affordable lighting options. Outdoor LED lighting will deliver the amount of light you’re looking for, as well as allow for you to stay within your electricity budget month to month or year over year. How? We’ll explain!

LED lights, or light emitting diodes, are small sources of light that work when the movement from electrons illuminates semiconductor material. Compact LED bulbs direct the light they give off more efficiently, without a delay in brightness. LED lighting instantly turns on and continues to work that way for a longer lifetime than incandescent bulbs and even CFL or compact fluorescent bulbs. The approximate life expectancy of an LED bulb falls between 15,000 hours and 50,000 hours!

Not only will LED bulbs last longer than their competition, but they do not give off any infrared or UV rays. They are also designed to resist breakage and remain cool to the touch. Only a small portion of the energy released from an LED bulb is heat, which is then channeled into a heat sink preventing the bulb from becoming too hot.

LED bulbs are ideal for steps and stairways, cove lighting, landscaping or even holiday lighting. Now that you know the benefits provided by efficient LED lighting, find outdoor LED lighting for your home today! has a variety of the latest fixtures and lighting options to suit your needs!

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