Friday, May 15, 2015

Wall Plates and Home Design Lighting Options

If you’re remodeling a home or building your dream home, you know there are quite a few decisions to be made about the design and décor. All too often, homeowners overlook certain aspects of the home design process. Take the time to plan out how your home will look when it is finished. Even though changes can be made, some may be easier made than others!

One area that Stewart Lighting can help you with is home design lighting and wall plates for your light switches and outlets. If you have not given thought to how you will choose such a key accessory, we can help. Wall plates vary in design and finish. You will want to match the wall plate to the interior design of your home. It’s best to keep them from clashing too much with the wall color, flooring and doors.

You have options. Depending on the overall style and color scheme of your home, there are wall plates to suit your needs. The various wall plate designs and finishes allow for much creativity. While some homeowners may want to neutralize the look of wall plates, others may want to play them up. No matter which look you opt for, we have a wide selection of home design lighting accessories to choose from.

As we said earlier, it is best to plan for each detail of your home. You don’t want to be subject to mismatched wall plates in error or become unable to find the particular ones you had your eye on. Contact Stewart Lighting today for more information about wall plates and other home design lighting for your home!

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