Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lighting by Room: The Bathroom

If you’re in the process of remodeling your bathroom, chances are that you’ve run into some problems when it comes to figuring out how to light it. Stewart Lighting just happens to be experts when it comes to bathroom lighting – or any lighting for that matter, so we have a few tips to share!

There are usually two types of bathroom lighting – ambient and task. Ambient lighting is the source of light that brightens the room or sets a relaxing mood, while task lighting if the source of light in which someone would need to properly complete a bathroom task (brush their teeth, do their hair, etc.). Task lighting can also be referred to as vanity lighting, and needs to be 150 watts or more – which should be spread out evenly over a mirror or the place that the person will be performing the task.

Ambient lighting is what the source of brightness is other than the task lighting. This lighting doesn’t have to be as bright as the task lighting, however, you do want the ambient lighting to be bright enough to move around in. This means that it can be a bit dimmer than the task lighting, but still has to be bright enough for people to see where they are going.

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