Monday, June 23, 2014

Modern Lighting for a Modern Kitchen

Many of the lighting fixtures here at Stewart Lighting are perfect for the modern design aesthetic. But how do you incorporate that into your home? The modern style is defined by its sleek and uncluttered look. When you want to add a modern vibe to your kitchen, choose some contemporary finishes for your appliances—like stainless steel, concrete, and slate. Modern style is also quite minimalist, so it might help you to reduce your kitchen budget—you won’t have to spend money on too many design “extras.” With a few simple lighting fixtures from Stewart Lighting, you’re well on your way to the modern kitchen of your dreams right here in Jacksonville. The biggest challenge of a modern kitchen is being able to make it feel comfortable and inviting with all of the sleek surfaces.

A few modern kitchen tips

  • Paint the walls a neutral color. This will help everything blend together in the modern style.
  • Cabinet doors with glass panels or open shelving are ideal for any modern kitchen.
  • Hang just a few decorations in the room—but make sure they have a big impact. We have many different d├ęcor options here at Stewart Lighting. You could choose a wall sculpture, unique clock, or simple painting.
  • Choose sleek lighting fixtures that add to the style of the room and also accent the modern styling. Need help? You can always reach out to the design specialists at Stewart Lighting for some guidance and design inspiration.

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